The Cypress Swamp Gallery


The Bald Cypress

The giant, mystical grandfather of the Louisiana swamps.

Today the remnants of these ancient trees typically referred to as “driftwood’ can be found all through the lower portion of Louisiana's swamps and marshes. They are pieces of a time forgotten. A wonderful expression of art sculptured by Mother Nature’s hand.   Each piece has its own unique character with intriguing detail giving it a beauty all of its own. Through these pieces of driftwood we are able to preserve a tiny fraction of our past. An heirloom for the generations to remember what once was.

Welcome to Cypress Swamp Gallery A combination of local craftsman, their handcrafted designs and Mother Nature’s cypress driftwood in its natural state (ranging in all shapes and sizes.)

Together we bring you Cypress Swamp Gallery,

A gallery with a wide array of products and ideas using cypress driftwood from the swamps and bayous of Louisiana.



Our ideas are many and the plans for the future are limitless. What you see today is only the beginning .