About us


Imagine 1.6 million acres of cypress forests with trees 120’ high and a circumference of 25 to 90’. Between 1870 and 1920 loggers exhausted more than 1000 years of cypress growth. It would take 40 generations to replenish these majestic giants of the Louisiana swamps.



Our passion for driftwood is directly connected to these giants of old. Their presence goes beyond any mortal measure of time. Thousands of years withstanding all obstacles. Each remnant of these mighty giants radiates a sense of history. A token of what once was. Mother Nature and time have uniquely carved and shaped these works of art.

We have spent our weekends and spare time exploring the bayous, swamps, and rivers of Louisiana in search of these native treasures for many years. There is beauty in the marvelous color, shapes and sizes of this exquisite wood.

All of our design ideas come from the individual pieces themselves, what they come together to be. We do not conform the wood to our designs we conform our designs to the wood.

We appreciate the opportunity to share these beautiful works of art, and hope to give you our customers a view of Mother Nature you have never seen before.




from all of us at Cypress Swamp Gallery